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 What the four reapers are about

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PostSubject: What the four reapers are about   Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:55 pm

Wraiths are identified by torn wings, or bat wings, in shoddy dull colors. They are typically chaotic in nature and are individuals who led lives of reckless freedoms, without any realization to the consequences of their actions. This is not to say they are BAD or EVIL, but most wraiths do genuinely have foul tempers, rash judgement, and little discipline. Even when their time alive seemed harmless, wraiths almost always have a screw loose somewhere in the clockwork: troubled home lives, bad records, fight instigators, chronic shoplifters, or maybe just poor misunderstood souls who need extra spankings. To sum it up, Wraiths are most certainly reapers to be reckoned with. The downside to wraiths is that their negative energy gives them the most potential to become demons. Their constant need to overpower and overcome is a driving force which results in many reapers gone Rogue, and maybe reapers gone Demon.

Skills: Wraiths have keen, swift senses.  They are the most comfortable in battles, and are often assigned more physical activity driven classes to burn off their energy. They are quick learners, though more by doing rather than by reading text and taking tests, and have more resistance to pain.
Weaknesses: Wraiths are harder to control and teach. They lack discipline, and especially patience. Wraiths tend to overdo things and will fight until they exhaust their power. Since they are incredibly independent, they do not work well in teams, and newbie Wraiths have a hard time controlling their power.
Preferred Order: Many wraiths often become Exorcists, to compliment their fighting nature, but many disciplined Wraiths have become guardians who lead souls to Judgement and can protect them from hungry demons.

Seraphs are identified by soft, feathery, bird wings, that have the misconception of being angel wings. They have as many wing colors as birds do. Seraphs lived lives of charity and good will, and almost always put others before themselves. A Seraph Reaper is, mostly, entirely selfless. You could say that Seraphs are the boy/girl scounts of the Reaper world, working their hardest to earn badges qualifications and completing tasks to better Reaper society. Seraphs also tend to flock together (pun intended), and do their best to better one another.

Skills: Seraphs work well in teams and are relatively good natured. They are optmistic and good listeners. They stay dedicated to their tasks.
Weaknesses: Seraphs have few flaws, but those that do can become a little arrogant and misconstrue their purpose.
Preferred Order: Guardian (though there are a few exceptions to the rule...)

Fae are identified by whimsical style wings, typically butterfly or what could be called "Fairy" wings. Fae Reapers are docile, shy, and exceptionally kind. Their deaths often elude to a tremendous loss of innocence, a tragic death, or a tragic life and may never speak of it to anyone. Fae are loved by all their fellow reapers, but are susceptible to becoming the target of bullying. No one really takes Fae seriously, but they are a bigger part of the world than many realize.

Skills: Fae because of their kindness, possess natural talents of healing. This is ironic because in their life it was probably something they needed more than anything. They are incredibly intelligent, and are the natural booklearners of the school. While few of them are ever at the center of battle, many a reaper in any order or species has found a good, dependable friend in a Fae Reaper.
Weaknesses: Fae do not possess the ability to fight confidently, although they are capable (all reapers are capable of fighting). However, they do not possess good confrontational skills, and become easily weakened by demons. They are more frail and easier to overpower.
Preferred Order: Healer, although many have become Guardians too. Since they are kept busy at the school or in wards across Purgatory, many of them become teachers as well.

Drakes are identified by scaley, leathery, dragon wings in deep, gemstone colors. Drakes are rare but those who do show up are conditioned specifically for certain tasks. Drakes led lives of great adventure and conquest, and have seen world wonders many reapers have never seen.  They are the natural explorers of Purgatory and never stop learning or experimenting. Many teachers feel blessed to have a Drake as a student, and the Drakes quickly become favorites and school stars.

Skills: Drakes can excel at almost anything if given the chance, and they possess a "can-do" attitude and a drive that sets them apart from their fellow reapers. Drakes will work hard to improve and are excellent at taking criticism.  They are also very good at finding things.
Weaknesses: Because of their flighty, playful attitudes, Drakes often have the ability of foot-in-mouth syndrome. They can do anything they want, so why can't they SAY anything they want? Even if a person in their life was shy or introverted, as a Drake their confidence will soar. This results in a huge ego, and the inability to really stand still if they get too excited.  While their talent at finding adventures is seen as a skill, many times it gets them into trouble. They tend to wander, especially through loopholes, and will do what they can to get the end result they want. But their redeeming quality is that at the end they will learn something new, and almost always find something worthwhile.
Preferred Order: Hunter
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What the four reapers are about
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