Welcome Council Members

Welcome Council Members

Sacred Grounds of the Reaper Council
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 The Reaper Council Members

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PostSubject: The Reaper Council Members   Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:59 am

While the undying Emperor serves as the unquestioned leader of the Empire, twelve members of each reaper Council oversee the daily workings of the empire and speak in the reaper emperor's name. Each is among the most powerful reaper of the empire; to hold a seat on the council is the highest honor and the greatest position of influence a reaper member can attain. The individual members of the reaper Council controls the workings of influence and pyramid structure of the empire.

The reaper Council withholds twelve members that serve as the ruling body of the reaper empire.
the reaper Council would convene on matters of state and eventually run the day-to-day operations of the reaper Empire itself. Each member of the Council holds the title of reaper lord of the empire and is in control of every reaper member, except the emperor reaper himself. As such, the power of reaper Council members are solely below the reaper emperor himself.

Each Council member controls one of the four reaper groups within the Empire, and the various reaper who serve. Each Councilor maintains power bases of their own.
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The Reaper Council Members
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